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Posts with content warnings are erroneously marked as adult content, with a "log in" button

Weird issue I noticed this morning. If a post has just a content warning with no adult content flag, it gains a false adult content flag, with a log in button that just takes you back to your homepage. The login button does not disappear after clicking, making it impossible to view the post. This issue is not present on posts that have *both* a content warning and an adult content flag. Have attached a screenshot with examples from our locked account - top post demonstrates the bug on a post with only a content warning, bottom post is an example of a post with *both* the adult content flag and a content warning.

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(Can confirm that it happens when viewing your current page's own posts, too.)

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same issue on Chrome version 108.0.5359.79 on Android as well

Can confirm I have encountered this issue as well with the following post. (Link)

I'm no longer experiencing this issue - wonder if a release slipped out early and got rolled back? or maybe it's just some weird transient bug