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reorganizing the order of pages

this is an incredibly minor request, but the ability to drag and reorganize the order of pages on the dropdown would be great!

 right now it sorts automatically with the most recently created page at the bottom, and the ability to sort them would be nice. for example, one page i use more than the others i wish i hadn't made third and could drag it up to second or even first on the list, etc.

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What is more the pages on the list aren't even in the chronological order (of creating). Blog I've made second is on the bottom of my list. And the blog I made most recent is second

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This is a HUGE QOL feature for me, personally. A major factor for me on social media & when blogging is being able to arrange & dictate the hierarchy of my blogs/pages - having them be in no logical order has gotten increasingly frustrating and makes it actively difficult for me to use cohost and toggle between pages ):

Even worse, I created a new page today and it shuffled the order my pages have been in that I’d developed muscle memory for

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this this this this this

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I really would love this, my most important pages are all the way at the bottom and it's gotten quite annoying

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REALLY strongly request this feature, we have Many Pages and they're currently impossible to organize.

I came here to say this. Pls! 

genuinely huge agree, as similarly to what someone else said: my 4th-created page got tossed in above #s 2+3, which immediately turned me off from wanting to make more pages, despite that i very much WANT to make other pages bc i think having separate dashboards per person as a plural system would be super cool (and id like to maybe make a page or two specifically for uploading content, in addition, without people having to also slog through my personal posts/memey junk)

please! please please please! being able to sort my pages in order of like, priority of use or just in alphabetical order would rock

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