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Allow *any* tags to be pinned to your profile

Cohost recently added a "pinned tags" feature which allows you to give other people easy access to tags you use frequently via your profile page.

Unfortunately, this has a strange restriction, as quoted: "You can pin any of your top 15 most used tags to showcase on your page!"

This is an immensely annoying and seemingly arbitrary restriction that makes this feature utterly useless for me. I want to use this new feature to let people browse my artwork and other creations more easily, but I cannot do that because I post personal text posts much more frequently than my own artwork. I want to pin infrequent tags because of how infrequently I post them, and I honestly think many people other than myself have (or will have) a similar problem.

I firmly believe this should be updated to allow *any* tag that you've used at least once before.

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i cant use pinned tags at all bc of this restriction yeah. the tags i want to pin are ones i dont use as often 

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Quick list of other pain points caused by this restriction:

  • Let's say you have a gimmick blog where you're either in-character or otherwise you don't normally post about the blog itself, but you need a "#meta" or "#modpost" tag or something like that, and you want to make it more convenient for people to find said posts. Well unless you make tons of such posts, you won't be able to pin that tag under the current system.
  • A previous user mentioned "#straight," "#lesbian," and "#gay" tags for what I presume to be their art which depicts various kinds of couples or something like that. To add on to that, just any sort of art blog that posts stuff that may feature many different kinds of subjects, some more often than others, but all of equal interest, may find that some of their posts don't happen often enough to make their tags be in the top 15.
  • Since "#The Cohost Global Feed" is the only way to kind of get your post out there in the milieu for visibility, it's gonna eat up one of your top 15 spots uselessly. This also goes for things like "#artists of cohost" and "#my music".
  • If you use tags as boneless content warnings (for things that 99.99% of people wouldn't find objectionable, but which would set of triggers for certain demographics, particularly addicts) then they'll also uselessly take up some of your top 15 spots under certain circumstances.

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Pinned tags should have no restrictions. (maybe still with a limit on how many, since a tag list of like 100 tags would be pretty overwhelming)

For now, some things:

- tags which got pinned while being in the "top 15" and then having posts removed which makes them fall out of the "top 15" stay pinned. (tested)

- As long as there are these restrictions, you can alternatively make a sticky post manually linking tags which you want to link, instead of putting them into the sidebar. ( 


<a href="">tag name</a>



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They do stay pinned, until you go to make any edit to your pinned tags, at with point you lose them.

Okay, that's the part I didn't test.... that sucks then. 

+1 to this because i just lost one of my pinned tags due to this inane restriction. i use pinned tags to direct people to my art i want people to see, not what cohost thinks i should show people.

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I would like to echo being able to just pin any tags. Some tags I'll never use again, since they were part of a series that has run its course, but it would be much more natural to have them pinned than having to figure out their specific URL and then also find a graceful way to edit that code in on my page.

100% agree this restriction should be removed. folks on here sometimes have a new creative project they want to make into a tag, or just want to start posting art stuff of theirs on a page, and find that they can't pin the tag until they post an arbitrary number of posts with that tag on them so the interface will let them add it.

I don't honestly see why this restriction exists, when you can start typing in a tag name on a post and immediately see any tag that anyone else has previously used. seems like a leftover from an earlier version of the site, somehow.

i agree that this restriction should be removed as well. a tag of mine fell out of my top 15 and when i went to edit my pinned tags it just disappears! i find it strange because i also use my pinned tags to showcase infrequent posts that i dont want to lose. additionally with the lack of search tools for one's profile, the pinned tags system makes it much easier to navigate and find old posts. i really hope the devs listen and remove this unnecessary restriction

Nthing that I'd like to be able to pin any tags, with a limit on # so it doesn't cause issues if someone tries to pin every tag or something. 

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