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Allow *any* tags to be pinned to your profile

Cohost recently added a "pinned tags" feature which allows you to give other people easy access to tags you use frequently via your profile page.

Unfortunately, this has a strange restriction, as quoted: "You can pin any of your top 15 most used tags to showcase on your page!"

This is an immensely annoying and seemingly arbitrary restriction that makes this feature utterly useless for me. I want to use this new feature to let people browse my artwork and other creations more easily, but I cannot do that because I post personal text posts much more frequently than my own artwork. I want to pin infrequent tags because of how infrequently I post them, and I honestly think many people other than myself have (or will have) a similar problem.

I firmly believe this should be updated to allow *any* tag that you've used at least once before.

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When I saw you could pin tags to your page, I didn't even realise that you could only pin your 15 most used tags. It does seem very arbitrary that you can only choose your most used tags. I also have no idea what would happen to tags you've already pinned that end up becoming less used over time and fall out of the top 15. Would they just disappear without warning?

All in all, it'd be MUCH more helpful to just allow users to choose any tag to pin. So I heavily +1 this idea! Especially as another infrequent artist who likes to use the pinned tags as an ad hoc art gallery function

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Copying from the comment I left on the announcement:

The purpose of a pinned tag, to me, is specifically to allow people to narrow in on a smaller, perhaps rarer subset of posts, so the ones I'd most like to include are not available.

As a particularly notable example, I have posts tagged "straight", "lesbian", and "gay", but at the moment only "straight" breaks the top 15. I think you can imagine why it might not be desirable to include that one not alongside the others...

Ideally there would be no restriction at all. I can easily imagine wanting to pin a tag with a single post, and I can't see why that would be a problem.

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The way it currently works is confusing. What happens if I pin a tag and then it falls out of my top 15?

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Wow, I didn't realize only the most used were available to choose from... that's extremely limiting and will defeat the purpose of pinned tags for a lot of people.
Please allow us to choose from any tag we've used at least once.

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Yeah dropping in here after having a pinned tag delete itself once I added another, since the  tag fell out of my top 15 since I'd added it. It's really unintuitive to have it work like this, now I need to make another post with that tag just to be able to organise my page properly again.

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Currently this feature is less useful than just linking in your description. I can't think of a possible reason to limit it to the top 15, technical or otherwise. As it stands it's just a weird gatekeeping thing.

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 +1 to this after I just tried adding a new pinned tag, only to realize that this is how it works. it deleted two of my pinned tags which I had in place so people could see the different kinds of art that I do, but now I have no way of adding them back. This seems like an arbitrary restriction to me.

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Would very much love to have more control over the pinned tags. There are tags that I want to pin on my page that would be really helpful for people visiting the page, but they don't crack my top 15 or whatever, so I can't choose them.

To give a specific example, I run the page "Indie Games of Cohost" and do monthly recaps of indie games. However, since they only come once a month, the tag "recap" will never crack my top 15 because they're getting crowded out by tags like "indie game" and "platformer."

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i noticed this too, i want to pin less-used tags also as bookmarks for myself so i remember them. 

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I apparently always misread the message explaining this feature and thought the "most used tags" part was just there to encourage how to use it, not an actual requirement. Having that restriction feels very strange, and I don't think it helps anything, really. The only thing I can even think of is that it might stop people from putting random tags on their page that they don't actually use, but if they really want to do that, I don't think that's a very big deal. I'd much rather have the freedom to pin whatever tags I want.

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hard agree, the fact you can only pull from your top 15 is a very weird decision... on my art page all my popular tags are things i use for engagement (#art, #my art, #furry, #furry art, ect) and the things I want to actually add have only been used once or twice

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I'm here to second this idea. I don't know what else I can say that hasn't already been said. I feel like a lot of people would rather use pinned tags for particular, specialized tags rather than generic ones. If I only post about a particular topic once a month but I want a way for people to find that topic easily, that's where pinned tags shine.

Please consider letting us pin whatever tag we want.

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that is a good question, actually, @enfys ! I'd like to think that once it's tagged it'll stay on the list, but it'd be impossible to choose it again?? But this is guesswork.

I'd definitely prefer to be able to choose any tag (maybe through a search function? or a 'pin this tag' but search is probably closer to the way it's currently being implemented maybe). 

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+1 to this because i just lost one of my pinned tags due to this inane restriction. i use pinned tags to direct people to my art i want people to see, not what cohost thinks i should show people.

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Agree... I don't understand the purpose of "most-used tags" as a requirement. Maybe it sounded good on paper. We could easily just pin a post with our desired tags (and descriptions) but once we pin another post, then it gets pushed down... Just let us pin the tags we want to pin.

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