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Remove a "rehost" (?) without having to travel back to one's page.

I've picked up the habit of scrolling through cohost on my phone as well as my computer, and given I hold my phone with my right hand: occasionally I'll accidentally reblog a post that I didn't mean to. I just think it would be nice to be able to remove a reblog in the same way I can remove a like on any post, so I can keep looking at my feed without having the friction of needing to abandon whatever I'm scrolling through, linking back to my page, then scrolling down to delete the reblog. It's a relatively small issue, but I think it's worthwhile just to reduce some minor frustration that exists exclusively for left-handed mobile users :p

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I double-checked reblogs just to make sure I wasn't being stupid, and now it gives a warning that I'm about to reblog a post, so it's not really an issue anymore. It didn't do that when I posted the ticket originally, just to clarify. Apologies

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