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Sort "Posts you've liked" by time of like!

I was so excited about the addition of the "Posts you've liked" page, and started browsing around a lot and liking a lot of things I wanted to come back to.. only to discover later that half of them are scattered among my existing likes, pages back, because the liked posts are sorted by post time, not like time.

This feature would be so much more usable if they appeared in the (reverse, but ideally there'd be a toggle) order I liked them!

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I haven't been using the feature yet so it's really surprising to hear it's currently not the case. It really ought to be fixed

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i didn't even realize it was like this until now...

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It would be neat if the order could be toggled between "time posted" and "time liked" but if we can only have one, ordering by time liked would be much more useful.

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just want to put my support behind this request! I often use likes as a kind of bookmark for posts I want to go back to for whatever reason and it can be very hard to find them when they aren’t presented in order of time liked. this is especially true when someone re-posts a post from days or weeks ago and I like it - now I have to go through pages of likes to find something I liked a few minutes ago! I also really like the idea of having multiple options for like ordering (by post time, like time, reverse order, etc)

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+1 to this, i use my likes page to store things i want to reblog later because drafts are so unreliable and take more time. even if they get more reliable, this is a needed feature.

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Yeah, they should be sorted (or sortable with a button or something) by time of liking them, i was really confused by this

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Would really prefer this. On most sites I use likes as essetially booksmarks and this can make me second guess if I actually liked something.

I actually thought this was a bug with some posts not showing up in the liked tab, but no! This is counter-intuitive and makes the tab far less useful than it could have been. Bump.

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