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A way to view and remove a list of allowed external links in posts plus other options

While scrolling through my feed the other day I said yes to making itchio links always show in a post as I had done with several other sites like YT and twitter, which seemed fine as itchio is a good site that I trust, but the post contained an html5 game with music and now every time I scroll past this one post in my feed it auto starts this game with the music. This is really annoying and I want to undo this, but currently see no way to do it.

If this does not already exist I would like options do the following:

- Change my mind and hide the content of a post from the same post after I unhide it.

- See an overview of all sites I've set to auto show and let me remove them so they go back to being automatically hidden.

- Show or hide individual posts.

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The list part exists at least, but it's hard to find. It's handled through iframely which is the site they use for embeds. It should definitely be easier to find though!

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An additional suggestion I would make is to perhaps add a separate (audio-only) auto mute feature, similar to what you have for inactive browser tabs in Firefox so that by default a post cannot play any sound unless you actively click play on it. It should probably auto-enable sound if you click play on say a video or other content.

This would also help alleviate the problem of the auto-playing html5 game post.

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