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I'm surprised no one has suggested polls yet (either that or I didn't look enough)

Anyways, I think it'd be really great if we could have polls like Twitter but y'know... better.

Some things I'd want out of polls on cohost:

- The ability to have images and a poll in the same post (back on twitter you couldn't attach images to a tweet that had a poll and it was really annoying).

- Bigger limit of poll options (I think twitter only let you add 4 and I always felt the need for more)

- Bigger character limit (twitter's was 25 characters and again, I always needed more)

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 in theory you could also just open up a strawpoll or something and embed it in your post with a bit of HTML

but having some kind of built-in poll system would also be very nice and convenient

Additional poll features I'd really like to see:

  • A "show results" button that forfeits the ability to vote. I often want to see the results of a poll in progress on Twitter, but the only way to do so is to vote, thus skewing the results. Savvy poll posters will add "show results" as an option, but it should really just be built-in.
  • Ability to toggle vote visibility when creating a poll. On old BBS forums, the creator of a poll could choose whether it was anonymous or not, and there are some use cases where non-anonymous polls would be useful. (It would need to be very clear when voting if the poll was not anonymous, of course.)

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Until a possible official implementation, it's worth noting that Cholls were created by a Cohost user (not sure whom) specifically for the Cohost community. Very easy to use.

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Just want to show my support for this feature request. Yes please!
I also like jgs's suggestion to "show results".

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I'm also showing my support!

I would like to have polls on cohost because I made a bot to play through the fighting fantasy game books and it's sitting dormant due to the situation on twitter. Since apparently twitter is losing polls for people that don't pay, it seems like it would be extra nice to have polls on cohost.

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I hope it's not bad etiquette to comment on a post this old, but I wanna add my support to polls as a feature request :)

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