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Silence Reshares From Certain Accounts

I have friends on here who post stuff I want to see, but also reshare a ton of stuff that I don't care about and would prefer not to have clogging up my timeline. Would be nice to be able to silence their reshares without having to silence their whole account, or completely hiding all reshares (if that's even possible).

Over on Twitter (boo, hiss) you can hide retweets on a per-account basis, and it'd be nice to be able to do that here too.

I'm aware that you can hide reshares when looking at someone's page, but that doesn't stick and doesn't affect the main timeline.

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I feel like the root of this is people treating cohost the same way they treat twitter or tumblr, especially with the mass migration recently. It feels like you're not really supposed to share so many posts that it gets annoying for other people, since it screws up your own feed too by doubling it all (which AFAIK is intentional as a "soft cap" to discourage oversharing a post that's already appeared multiple times).

Someone who posts original content and shares a lot can make separate pages for the two, I think, since that feature's really cool! It feels like it should be up to the poster instead of the reader, but if this ends up being common in the future (once people have had more time to get used to the feature set here) then this suggestion might be nice.

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Unfortunately, the kind of people who go on reshare sprees aren't really the kind of people to make separate pages for it.

I'm hoping this feature gets adopted.

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This is one of my favorite features of Twitter, and I would love for it to be added here. It hasn't been a problem for me on here yet, but on pretty much every other social media site I use, there are people whose posts I want to see but who share posts I don't, for a variety of reasons. Letting users curate their following experience in a more granular way would purely be a good thing.

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Love this idea - I'm a frequent rechoster and only sometimes actually add anything in my reply, I'm often just saving the post for later or sharing it for specific friends to see. It would be completely fair if someone didn't want to see all the random stuff I repost! But I would prefer that a system like this distinguishes between shares that add to the discussion and shares that don't.

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wait, this is a feature of twitter? why did no one tell me about that

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