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Incorrect display for “user liked a share of your post” notification when many shares

My friend has made essentially a thread (really 4 or so of their shares in a stack) on top of my post, and some users liked their most recent post in that ‘thread’, which I expect to generate a “user liked a share of your post” notification with the preview of that share’s content; however as seen in the screenshot it instead refers to it as MY post. Haven’t found any other issues here, just seems like the wording is broken, The “your post” link does go to the other user’s share in this example, as expected. The post in question:
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i tried to go back and check on this in my notifications but the relevant notifs seem to have just disappeared from my notif history, so.......... uhhhhhh. Dunno. Guess it's "solved" for now, I haven't seen any other notifs have this issue.

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