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Allow users to silence notifications for a post

I am still receiving notifications on a share of a share of a share of a post I made. Locking shares on my original post doesn't prevent the sub-shares from spreading, and it doesn't seem to stop the notifications, either.

I would like the ability to simply not receive notifications about my original post anymore, so that my notifications are not cluttered with likes and comments and reshares.

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Coming here because I had a post take off recently and I wanted to silence notifications for it for a little while (I was waiting for notifications for a different post)

Tried silencing the post - that doesn't stop the notifications coming in, but since they're silenced, they no longer render in the notifications page. They do still take up space, technically, since I only had one other notification on the entire screen, even though I had other notifications from the past day, I just had so many more for the post that took off

Being able to toggle notifications for a post would be super handy! I don't want to lock shares or comments on the post, but I would like to reduce the amount of pings I get!

(Also, for clarity, my notifs are only Replies and Comments - it was still a lot! Which is good, I'm glad people liked the post! But it was a lot!)

Bumping with the exact same issue as the above commenter. 

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