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When hovering over username/display name or avatar, show popover card containing user's info and follow button

I made a rough mockup in Figma to show what I mean. Twitter has something that's very much like this:


I miss it all the time.

I can also see this popover having a meatball menu surfacing mute and block options, though I'm not sure if having a popover over a popover is a no-no. When the notes feature is added, it might also be a good place to surface those notes, in case you're like "wait, who is this person on my feed again?"

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it's so aggravating how slow it is to follow people or to just take a brief glimpse at someone's profile :C

will help us know if we're already following someone

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I'd like to +1 with extreme predjudice having mute/block buttons available on hovering over someone's username. If someone is posting stuff that you really don't want to see for whatever reason, having to click through to their profile before you can get it off the timeline can feel extremely painful (for example: attempting to mute an insufficiently CW'd suggestive page in a public area)

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This would be fantastic!

Very much for this!

I can see a lot of benefits to this feature so long as activating the popover requires a delay similar to twitter's implementation.  I would not want an instantaneous popover similar to tumblr's implementation.

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Some accessibility considerations for this feature:

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