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Android/iOS App?

It's a shame to have to open my browser each time I remember about cohost, because it makes me go "eh I'll open it later" and then not actually do it. Are there plans for apps for Android/iOS anytime soon?

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i personally don't care for apps, but here's something that can help you: use the "add to home screen" feature in your mobile browser!

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The site works just fine on Firefox for android. Like I don't see the need for an app at this point. That just seems like unnecessary work, on top of all the requirements for an app if it's to be uploaded to an official app store. Have tried making an effort in using it on mobile?  Also yeah the 'add to home screen' also works great, I second it.

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Honestly, if they could create a progressive web app experience, complete with push notifications, it could work all the same as a mobile app. Safari has caught up on a lot of web-app technologies, and even simple features like using AJAX to replace portions of page contents, which could be used for app like pagination, tabbed views, etc., could be deployed for a more "app like" experience. I do think, ultimately, a native app should be in Cohost's future, as the more app-like a website becomes, the more bloated and unresponsive it can be; native apps provide the "best" experience. But that doesn't mean they can't also offer a lightweight app experience on the web! Maybe on a separate subdomain, such as

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