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Feature Request: Spoiler Tags

 I've previously tried using content warnings to hide spoiler content, but it appears i could only hide the entire post behind it, when i really only wanted to hide part of it.
And besides, i doubt that's what content warnings are for, anyway.

Basically my idea for this would be:

-When editing on of your posts, a button you can click to mark the image or whatever media as a spoiler, which blurs it out or something similar until you reveal it. This would naturally still show the rest of the post.

-A markdown option for spoiler-tagging parts of text. (eg. ||Luke Vader was dead the whole time!|| )

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I love this! Discord and Twitter both have this feature and I absolutely adore it. 

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would definitely be a big fan of this, there's some css crimey ways to do a a similar equivalent, but none of 'em can handle linebreaks as far as i've seen, so a proper built-in method would be nice

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Thirded. While it's possible to make spoilers in posts using details and summary tags, the post interpreter doesn't allow them to be within p tags, so it's not possible to use them in-line to redact only part of a sentence.

And while it's possible to make janky highlight-to-read inline spoilers in posts by using span and styling the background color to match the text color, they are janky, and can ruin post presentation.

Furthermore, html is significantly more limited in comments, where neither of the above options work at all.

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Yeah, this is a very needed function for many on here.  We're a cool team of gamers who would really appreciated it after we fucked off from destructoid...

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