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Post contents gets lost if internet connection is spotty

This happened twice for me so far for different posts:

1. Open new post, start writing

2. Somewhere during writing, the internet connection gets dropped

3. Either before you click "post" some script seemingly fails to fetch data and changes the page to be blank, or you click "post", nothing happens, but you can't click "post" again in the same tab, and closing the tab kills the contents

Ideally cohost should 1) make sure the text never gets lost within a single tab unless it's refreshed, 2) save the text often to local storage, and lift it out of local storage for new posts so that even if I close the tab accidentally or the tab crashes, I don't lose data

Just 1 would be enough as I could at least rescue the contents in case "post" doesn't work to clipboard, but ideally I should feel safe typing text in the cohost post window and not have to use a separate editor for data safety.

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i experienced a similar thing of the entire page turning blank while i had some internet issues, too.. i'd opened a bunch of posts in new background tabs while my internet was working, and after it died i figured i could still read those posts in the meantime, but a few seconds after i opened each tab, they'd just blank completely out, which i havent experienced on most other sites..

i guess this isn't as much related to the feature of saveing post contents to local storage, more just about whichever aspect of the site results in blanked out pages in the first place, that seems less than ideal in general.

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this has happened to me a few times now and it's pretty frustrating. I have had to write a few posts in a text editor and copy and paste them into cohost which is not great, and it usually happens when I'm in the middle of writing a longer post, which I can't be bothered to retype so I just move on without posting anything

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