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Quick share not working on mobile

Quick share is not working correctly on my iPhone 12 mini on safari on iOS 16.0 When i load the page, before scolling, i can hold the share button on a post to get the quick share dialog. Works perfectly. However, once i scroll at all, quick shares stop working until the next page reload, i.e. holding on the share button does nothing. Quick shares were working fine for a couple days after they were introduced, and then stopped working one day, and i've noticed no differences between then and now

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Same on iPhone and iPad.

Just remembered I have an Android audio player. Quick Share works fine on that (Firefox), so maybe just an iOS issue

was wondering why i noticed quick share suddenly working again for a moment when it's mostly broken for me - just went and tested and it did work on the first, short post on the page! if i scrolled down and back up it continued work for that one post, but if the first post is long enough that i have to scroll down to get to its share button, it doesn't work at all, and no other posts work. so it looks like i can only quick share if the share button is visible on the page when the page first loads in. i'm also on ios, safari for iphone.

Quick share only works on the first post of the current page (for the first post, holding the share button show up the quick share button that I can drag up, but for the rest, nothing show up)

Tested on iPhone XR, iOS 16.3

Yep, it’s been broken for a long while. Works as expected on Android but rarely to never on iOS. I have a funny feeling it’s related to the issue where links require two taps.
Just noticed quick share had stopped working on Android (chrome browser). I swear it was working less than a week ago--i used to use it all the time. But now it is not
Same here on android, opera browser. Also doesn't work on the first post in my timeline, unlike above reports. using a pixel 3A on android 11
They've temporarily disabled the feature altogether, i think.
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