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Better vertical monitor support

 I sometimes browse cohost on my secondary vertical monitor as it lets media render larger and more text fits on each line. However, I can't have the window be fullscreened (or wider than around 85% of my 1200x1920 monitor) or it enables the standard layout intended for widescreen, which causes 2/3 of the screen to become dead space and makes posts much smaller than normal. I'd appreciate if extremely tall and not-particularly-wide(-relatively) windows used the same mobile layout as a 1025px wide window.

Examples attached below showing an art post on a squished window (1025px wide, the maximum the mobile layout will render on) and a fullscreen window (1200px wide).

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 Oops, edited the post some more after doing the captcha and I didn't realize captcha timeouts remove images.



Might be a media query with `orientation`? Do monitors report back "orientation"?

As a workaround, but not a solution, it might be possible for users to bump up the "zoom" for the browser. But this will affect all sites.

FWIW, you can easily mitigate this by holding down ctrl and scrolling up with the mouse wheel a bit. this adjusts the zoom for a single website, and cohost does seem to switch to the mobile layout after a certain point.

i use this all the time on firefox, and i personally like to pair it with the "zoom controls" tool from the toolbar customization menu. it's very handy :)



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