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Checking bookmarked tags will show content from blocked tags.

 Hi! I just like looking to see the "welcome to cohost" posts and get a feel for the new people joining but I'm also seeing fandom related tags I have explicitly added to my blacklist and it's really ruining the experience for me.

Is it possible to exclude any posts that have even SOME of my blacklisted tags, regardless of if they have other tags i have bookmarked included?

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I'm experiencing the same issue using Firefox on android. Posts with both tags and content warnings I have listed in my "Never show me posts with these content warnings" still show up in my bookmarked tags page. The content in these posts is hidden behind a warning, but I'd honestly prefer them to not show up at all.

Well, this is a terrible feature then. Looks like I won't be sticking around this platform. Even if they change the wording to be more clear they should still make it so you don't see the posts you're trying to filter.

It's also odd that I can't reply directly to all-ice's comment or @ them given that this seems to be a forum.

this is probably less of a bug in the code, and more a weird issue in the terminology/phrasing of that particular part of the settings page, unfortunately..

unlike on tumblr or twitter, where folks use the pre-existing system of (hash)tags to Also denote content warnings, cohost has a field separate from its tags system, used exclusively for Content Warnings tags, and it's only those tags that the blacklisting applies to.  

however, since most folks dont tag a fandom or something like furry content as a Content Warning, merely putting those in the regular tags, it suddenly looks like the feature just isn't working.

so, it would probably be advisable to make it more clear that "content warning" is used as a term for a specific separate tagging system, and not just a way to describe 'regular tags, except they contain a cw term'...?

(or perhaps the planned feature of being able to mute Tags too can just remove the confusion about the separate systems, depending on how it's implemented)

Yes, this is really ruining my experience. I want to be on here to look at art and fashion, but when I go into the art tag 90% of it is nsfw furry art I do not want to see. I have 'furry' blacklisted and many of the posts I do not want to see are tagged with 'furry' specifically, so I do not know why I am seeing them.

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