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page mutes are somewhat too aggressive

The complete obscuration of all related posts with only a mute applied, and not a block, seems too aggressive; this may be a relatively new behavior change. I'll enumerate at least ~~two~~ three potential problems here, please advise if these should be split:

1. When a page is muted, clicking through the "view these posts temporarily" banner at the top of their profile reveals an empty page, because they are still being filtered out

2. Replies to comments that were made on any post where a muted page participated in the post's thread do not generate notifications

For example: An original post is made by user A, whom you muted. A reply is posted by user B, your friend who is not muted. You comment on user B's reply post, and user B replies to your comment, generating no notification.

3. Shares of threads with a muted participant can appear on the home timeline with an "are you sure you wanna see this nonsense" click-through, but may not be findable again. I cannot even find one such post on the creator's profile, though it is on the first page when logged out.

I found the click-through very nice; if the increased aggression of page mutes is intentional, i think a nice middle ground could be to show this touch-the-stove clickthrough when the muted page is NOT the bottom-most post in the thread (e.g. an empty share with only tags), and if the muted page IS the bottom-most post continue to hide it completely

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I want to use mutes for "I never ever see or interact with this person without them ever knowing." Blocks aren't always desirable because a user can always tell that you've blocked them and that can be socially fraught. If this does happen, I'd prefer to see explicitly separate tiers of muting so that I never have to see  anything about people I've muted.

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i want to ask for it but also the flow charts are at risk of overwhelming the fabric of eggbug's reality so i'm limiting myself to saying it would be real nice

@nex3 operative word "have to", here. i'd like to at least have an expandable placeholder. maybe this kind of "touch the stove? y/n" could be optional in settings, but being totally unable to witness anything that happens on anything even remotely tangential to someone you simply find exhausting seems like too much.

this could be solved with more granular/configurable mutes

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