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Option to restrict page to logged-in users

 I have a private sideblog in which I post NSFW pics. After the ability to lock chost shares was implemented, I deprivated.

Less than 24 hours later, I re-privated the account after I was sexually harassed by a troll in my Discord server. Based on their language, I can't imagine they were a Cohost user. I loaded the page in a private window, and discovered that the page, despite being labelled 18+, was freely available to logged-out users. I searched my settings, and found that there was no option to require a login to view the page.

This is a glaring oversight, and one that should be rectified ASAP.

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I'm actually already working on this one.  NSFW artists requested the ability for 18+ posts to be shared off-site, so they could host their art on-site and share it with people who didn't already have accounts, and when we announced that change people also asked for the ability to turn that back off.  we're sorry for the oversight in not adding that option in the first place.

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sorry this took so long!  it should be landing in the next hour or so.

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