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Shares of yourself that add content and tags don't appear in tag feeds

I can't find a thread for this, but I know y'all mentioned it at some point - just want to log it in case it's not accounted for yet. I expect that my own shares of my posts (regardless of whether they add content or not) should add functional tags, especially since a lot of people put very meaty posts as a 'follow-up' share to an earlier small post, and any tags on those big follow-ups are non-functional currently which strands a lot of posts on the site in undiscoverable territory.

(Also, I think there's room to consider that other people's shares of posts that add content AND tags could show up in tag feeds, since by adding content that user is attaching themself to the conversation, but I understand if that falls under the previously decided 'other people's tags shouldn't interact with your posts' rule.)

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