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Silenced accounts' comments aren't visible on your own posts (but do spawn notifications)


  1. I silence a user
  2. That user comments on one of my posts
  3. I get notified for that comment
  • I can see that comment so I can hide it or report it, since it's my post.
  • I can't see the comment unless I go unsilence the user temporarily
This behavior does make since for other people's post comments, just not one's own imo.

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 I'm having the same issue.

To add a little more detail, after getting a notification, I had to unsilence the user in order to be able to see their comment below my chost. Then I re-silenced them.

Re-silencing them then cleared out the notification from my notification feed, but I would rather have not received the notification about their comment reply in the first place, or if I were going to receive a notification, to be able to click through directly from that to the comment reply they made, without having to unsilence them to see it.

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We are having the same problem.

Someone we silenced replied to a comment of ours. We get a notification with the contents of their comment, but when we visit the post itself, it's not visible.

This is not sensible behaviour. We silenced them, which means we don't want to get notifications from them. At the very least, the notifications should be spoilered or in some "muted" category. If you intend to show a notification (spoilered or otherwise), the comment on the page should then also be behind a spoiler.

We have people silenced because we don't want to see _them_, but we don't care if they see _us_. Otherwise we'd block them.

Noticed this same behavior. An additional strange note on this behavior: i noticed this on a comment i got today, and scrolled back to my notifications from another post i made and got a few comments on 12 days ago. I can still see most of the comments in my notifications, but the comments from people i silenced are no longer in my notifications. (i did not unsilence and re-silence any of these users.) I do not think the comments were deleted as the post still displays "x+2 comments" underneath while i have only counted x comments that are visible to me. Personally I don't mind that silenced users can comment on my posts, nor that i can see those comments, but I understand many people wouldn't want to see them. I agree with some kind of toggle or group for muted comments.

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 I also experience this same problem and I feel that the "bug behavior" should be considered that the notifications show you the comment at all, rather than that the comment isn't visible on the page itself (which should be expected from silencing a user- I don't want to see their comments)

it seems a temporary work around is to go to the person's page and unsilence+resilence them whenever you get unwanted notifications from them. but ideally I would like to just not see notifications from my silenced users at all, and be able to get along in my life without having to perceive them, but without needing to block them

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This badly needs fixed. A situation where I silence someone then they can communicate with me, but I can't communicate with them, is absolutely absurd and screws up the safety of the site. How is this still a thing months later?

Someone I have silenced replying to me in comments should not ever put a notification in my box for them, period.

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Additional to this is that replies to a silenced person still generate notifications (which seems reasonable), but they are hidden by virtue of their parent comment being hidden. I understand why but it's a little confusing.

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Experiencing this today (notably the replies-to-silenced bit jess mentions above) and it's very confusing to get notifs but not see the posts. I thought the site was broken until I realized what might be happening. 

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