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Bookmarked tags feed broken

the bookmarked tags feed isn't loading anything. the "nothing to see here yet. bookmark some tags!" message loads but is instantly replaced with "no-bookmarked-tags-placeholder". i've had the feed act a lil funky due to silenced users posting in one of the tags i'd bookmarked and their missing posts making pages shorter, sometimes repeating posts between multiple pages, so i'd thought maybe someone posted a LOT to one of my bookmarked tags, but i clicked next page at least twenty times and nothing ever showed up; it wasn't like this last night, and the placeholder message also only started showing up today.

i meant to include this in the initial post and spaced: this is happening for me both on desktop and mobile (ios), firefox specifically for both
followup: woke up tjis morning to one (1) new post in my bookmarked tags, and trying to go to a new page several tens of times after that brought up nothing. then i went to check my page history to see how many times i clicked next only to see i could go back one to get back to my first page of bookmarked tags posts. so i realized clicking next page wasn't bringing me any further in the feed, just refreshing the page at skipPosts in the url set to 1 over and over. manually setting skipPosts to a higher number like 12 skipped over all the posts from accounts i'd muted and showed me old posts again. it seems the bookmarked tags feed's url doesn't add to the number of skipped posts on going to the next page if all the posts currently loaded are invisible to the user. if the first page of the feed has no posts on it, clicking next will put skipPosts=0 in the url and not progress the page at all.
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