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Back in the days of yore, there was one thing I enjoyed about LJ. and that was mood themes!! I also liked the multiple icon choices as well (paid accounts got you more~), but that isn't the post.

I know there's a script floating around for this, but it's...clunky. Copying and pasting a massive code dump just to use an old LJ mood theme? I'll do it, but I end up forgetting more often than not.

Having the ability to create them in future and have the little menu to find a mood? Would be A+!!

Obviously, this is just a complete wish thing and it would be a very low priority thing, but if it's even considered? Awesome!!

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Could you explain what an LJ mood theme is? I never used LJ and I've heard about the multiple icon thing, but it sounds like you're referring to something else?
Basically, when in the post editor, underneath the main module, you had a drop down menu that had a whole list of moods to choose from. There were also little emojis/icons that you could choose to use. Most were the LJ provided ones like small kittens, weird looking faces, aliens. Very very early to mid 2000s. BUT They gave you the ability to make custom themes and whole communities existed at the time where people would make 80 x 40 sized icons that would match a mood (acomplished, uncomfortable, sleepy, etc). So, at the time, big fandoms like Pirates of the Carribean, Star Trek '09, Naruto, all Disney films up until about 2010, etc had multiple mood themes. The images were all hosted off site, though. Photobucket was the main one back then. Images that show what I'm talking about!

 One more image to show what that mood thingy looks like in a post on LJ. I went back to that horrible site just take a desktop example image. :V

(31.2 KB)
i see, so they're icons in a little "mood" section, and a "theme" is a set of icons. that's cute!

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^^ I enjoy making posts that use gifs, but sometimes, having a simple small thing at the end of a post that can be something a tad more specific on what I'm feeling at that point in time is more to my speed. Ya know? Would love to see this in the future, but it's not exactly a site improvement, ha.

It's sort of like how in Discord people can add emoji responses to your post, except in this case YOU are adding the emoji to your own post. 

hey! @maddievision made a widget generator that creates lj's current mood, you just gotta paste the code in the post editor and that's it. not a built-in feature like you want to but... here ya go
I have that saved on a sticky. It's what sparked this post, tbh. I would like this to be an actual feature instead of having to and copy and paste a thing over and over again. Because then, I have to go to each individual image in order to copy their location. I use this in the meantime. But I would LOVE to see this implemented someday.
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