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liked posts feed search

over in the "liked posts" feed request ( people were asking for a way to search your liked posts as well.  I'm creating a separate thread for this functionality so we can use the upvotes to prioritize it.

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yes please, I need to find that one Dom Toretto/Misato Katsuragi drip post because I have a very good follow up to post for it and it is unfindable

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The lack of this sort of feature was always something I always found annoying about other sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter, so I'm glad that it's even being considered in the first place. That one post I liked 2 years ago but forgot to bookmark in a more permanent way? Good luck ever finding it buried under the mountain of other posts I've liked since then, me! They also usually don't make it possible to search your saved posts either, so after a while it becomes impossible to find a specific old post among all of those, too (which I suppose is something to keep in mind if that proposed bookmarks feature ever gets implemented, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it).

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i was iffy on the idea of a liked posts feed bc it encourages people to get stingy with liking posts so that it's easier to find things in the feed, BUT, i think *this* feature would greatly lessen the motivation to get stingy and make it more useful in general!

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I'm so excited for this feature, and will go a long way towards solving the problem of trying to find a post you remember seeing one time but that you can't quite remember the details of.

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scrolling through the support forum and this is such a good idea I wanted to bump it up

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