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Profile Notes

A feature I've liked on tweetbot & mastodon has been the ability to leave private notes (i.e., notes that only I can read) about a user page. It's useful for keeping track of information about people I do know (e.g., pets names, how I met them, something I promised I'd tell them about once I wrote it up), as well as for accounts you silence/block (e.g., I silenced this person because I get annoyed every time their posts about X get shared into my feed, I blocked them because they were shitty to a friend about Y).

I mostly think this is pretty low priority (I can keep track of info about friends elsewhere), but being able to add a note for why you silenced/blocked someone is incredibly handy

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This thread already discusses discord style notes :•)

Oops, yes. totally missed this somehow. Staff, please close my topic as a duplicate

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