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Common tag palette

The most basic implementation is a  sidebar on the post screen that shows a list of tags you use frequently on posts, ordered by how frequently you use them, and clicking on one would add it to the list of tags on the post and gray it out in the sidebar. I will be referring to this sidebar as the tag palette henceforth.

More advanced features could include:

  1. An ability to pin some tags to the top of the tag palette, that would stay there regardless of how often you used them.
  2. A smaller list of tags, maybe five, that you used most recently.
  3. Perhaps it could tie in with the feature jae is purportedly working on, "a way to mark Tags You Post A Lot About on your profile," by giving all of those tags a space on the tag palette also.
  4. If tag popularity indicators are added, the most popular tags could also have a place in the tag palette.
  5. A power-user feature that would allow you to select tags to automatically add to every post you make. This would probably be on the settings page, rather than on the post page to avoid clutter. This could be useful for themed pages. For instance, a page that only posts LEGO sculptures would almost certainly want to tag every post #LEGO. Alternatively, this could be part of a post template system, which I would also like but is kind of a different feature request.

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