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Push and @ notifications.

Despite being tagged in posts, you don't get notifications. I think this would be a great feature to add so people can see when people are posting something like art made for them or by them. It would increase interactions on the platform too.

As for push notifications, we currently don't get a message sent to our emails or phones when we get a notification, meaning if we don't check the app/site itself, we won't be aware of any activity. Of course, push notifications shouldn't spam you for every like, follow or share. Using some sort of grouping method should make it so the spam is heavily reduced. Example
1 push notification per post/comment on any likes + shares
1 push notification for a comment 
1 push notification for a share that has additional comments.
1 push notification for any follows.

A set timeframe between push notifications would also be a good idea to recude the spam.

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I would like to be able to call a given account's attention when I @ them in their general notifications, as it is difficult to ask questions of others that I'm not already personally involved with otherwise.

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Seconding @-notifications. This serves two very big functions, IMO: 

  1. It lets you get another user's attention. If I want to make sure someone sees a particular post, the only way I can do so right now is to comment or reply to one of their unrelated posts, which seems bad.
  2. It tells you if someone is directing their followers to you. If I get a sudden influx of notifications because someone linked to my page, I want to know about it! This could be for benign reasons, like just wanting to know how new followers found you, but it could also be a major safety feature. If I start getting a bunch of harassment because a user linked their followers to me, I currently have no way of knowing about it, let alone making it stop. Maybe I can block and report the individual comments, but I'll never be able to block and report the source. (Of course, a user could always break the tag by adding a slash or not using the @, but at least that puts a slight layer of friction between their followers and me.)

Additionally, it's just how all the other sites do it, and doing it differently is confusing. Most new users won't know that people don't get notified when they @ them, and many will try it and won't know the other person never saw it. (Not that Cohost wants to do everything the way other sites do it, but given that there are other good reasons to change the way this works, making onboarding less confusing for new users will be a great bonus!)

I wouldn't personally use push notifications, but it seems like that would be useful for some users and I have no opposition to it. (These should maybe be separate feature requests.)

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I would also like to third up @ notifications. Just would be nice to know when I'm tagged.

I think adding @ notifications makes intuitive sense. I think push notifications go against the ethos of the site. Ideally when I'm not using Cohost I don't want it pulling my attention back towards it. It should follow the "only speak when spoken to" principal. That said, perhaps a good compromise would be a once weekly notification digest you can sign up to have emailed to you. "This week you received the follow comments..."

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