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Moving post to drafts and then clicking on "publish" arrow causes it to be republished witha a new time stamp

Moving post to draft and then going to edit it and clicking on "post now" makes it just go back up, where it originally was, at the time it was originally published. This is a desired behavior (even if the "post now" is a misnomer in that case)


But when not going to the edit mode and clicking on that publish arrow directly from drafts… it causes the post to be published again, with a new timestamp! This is a problem! I just tried to hijack the very first post I made on my blog, wanted to make a long gallery in it so I could link it, and it was important to me that it's at the very bottom of the blog. I lost that post because I clicked on the arrow and it got posted at the top of the blog


Drafts kinda double as instagram-style archive, but this behavior throws it off because if you click on that button the post looses it's previous place

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