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Option for Person Feed vs Post Feed

One of the things I noticed over the last 10 years of Twitter use was that the only tweets I ever saw were from people who posted dozens of times a day. This had the effect of burying people who I had followed for their thoughtful, once-in-a-while thoughts/work. It also seemed to encourage an unhealthy relationship with the platform that elevated oversharing, careless hot takes, and misinformation spread.

It would be really nice to be able to see a list of people I am following who had chosted something new. That way the person writing a longform blog is on equal footing with the person chosting their minute by minute take on a live event, or who just likes being chatty. I imaging the format being the same as the regular feed, just with a person's stuff all grouped together and expandable. 

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Seconding this; some sort of Fraidycat-style view would be fantastic. It wouldn't need to take after Fraidycat's features or layout exactly, but the basic idea of meaningfully organising posts by user, so that it's possible to follow way too many and still keep up, works very well in my experience and would be a good fit for Cohost, I think. Might also be nice to apply the same idea to bookmarked tags so that it's possible to follow e.g #The Cohost Global Feed and more niche tags without one drowning out the others.

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Looks like this layout style is rolling out in the next week or so:

Oh my goodness thank you so much for the heads up!
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