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Feature Request: Infinite Scroll

I did see that there already was a thread for infinite scroll but it seems more like an aside thought to another feature.

I would like it if Cohost could either switch from page pagination to an infinite scroll model within the main post/ live dashboard container or. alternatively,  provide a toggle for the features within a user settings page.
The new feature could work as follows: 

  • The 1st page render pulls back more posts that can be seen from the view.

  •  As the user scrolls down the page, a call is triggered (how you decide to pull that I leave to your dev team) that loads items into the DOM before they come into view giving the illusion of an infinite scroll. 

  • When a user scrolls too fast to the bottom of view they get a small loader, giving them feedback that something is happening to their scroll input. When the data is returned, the content fills the page. If there is nothing to pull back then add a witty rejoinder (random?) to signal that the user can scroll no further.

  • Items that are scrolled past in the view are removed from the DOM or cached at the developer's discretion.

2 people like this idea not endorse this. I always turned this off on tumblr and individual pages that used it always annoyed the crap outta me. If I forgot to open a post in a new tab, I would ALWAYS have to rescroll to find where I was and if I was too far into someone's blog (usually looking for art or fic) and did that, I would end up closing the main tab down in a fit of pique.

So in this lady's opinion? We don't need Infinite Scroll here.

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That's why I also added the caveat for customizing/ feature flagging it. Not everyone wants it, but being able to choose is nice.

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as far as i know, not having infinite scrolling is a deliberate design choice because infinite scrolling promotes an unhealthy practice of just consuming more and more content, taking the time out of your day for more views and stuff. it's similar reasoning behind omitting as much numbers as possible site-wide. you can't see how many followers a page has, how many likes a particular post has, etc.

someone also mentioned that having a limited number of posts per page means the bottom of the page is a natural place to take a break, or even to stop browsing altogether. this is pretty much why i personally prefer the current system.

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Absolutely this.

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Once again --
 Setting up an API (I believe cohost is using tRPC) to support both methods and allow the user to choose their experience (defaulted to the current one) doesn't have any adverse effects on anyone else's experience.   I'm not sure what you mean by omitting pages everywhere (the page number is in the URL). I know there is a philosophy that guides cohost UX decisions as it tries to differentiate itself from other social media plays and avoid some of the likes and follow-centric features but the execution on page handling feels like it is lacking.  Even old forums give you an idea of overall results counts or pages returned (count operations are fairly low cost ).  If you are going to use only a paginated approach these things feel like the bare minimum.

"I'm not sure what you mean by omitting pages everywhere (the page number is in the URL)" what... exactly did you mean by this? who said anything about omitting pages? im confused

 It's always interesting to see people ask for infinite scroll on one site and begging for pagination on another. Pillowfort only has infinite scroll and I'd give my arm and my leg for it to be paginated, because every time you reblog something over there it scrolls you back up the timeline a random number of posts and you have to scroll to get back to where you were. Plus, if the page refreshes or something happens, you've lost your place forever. Pagination solves both of those issues.

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I prefer pagination to infinite scroll but I really don't see the issue in offering it as an option for users who prefer it. No one is suggesting the devs take away pages from those of us who prefer them. 

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If adding infinite scrolling, PLEASE make it a toggle. I prefer pagination and would like being able to choose.

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