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"Top 10" countdown

I'm trying to write a post with a top ten list, counting down from number 10 to number 1. 

Typing out my list like so:

10. An entry
9. Another entry
8. A third entry

seems to engage markdown to treat the text in question like an ordered list, starting with the number of the first value. That text in the post looks like this in the preview:


10. An entry
11. Another entry
12. A third entry

 Is there a way to do the countdown that anyone knows of? Possibly some sort of escape character so that Cohost will know not to treat my post as markdown? 

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I figured this out! Inserting the escape character backslash to the middle of the number and then inserting an extra line break worked. 

So this:  

10. An entry
9. Another entry
8. A third entry

 became this:


10\. An entry

9\. Another entry

8\. A third entry

 This case is pretty specialized I'll admit, but it might be good to add the escape character \ to the markdown reference :)

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