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Website stuck loading for minutes on iOS Safari on network with Pi-Hole

I am running Pi-Hole on my network, which blocks a number of domains by returning NXDOMAIN for the DNS requests for them. One of those domains is, which it seems Cohost is using. I suspect this is related to this issue I'm having:

Sometimes (though not always), when I try to load the Cohost timeline on my phone (iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.1.1, using the built-in Sarari application), I notice that it gets stuck loading for…effectively forever, I've waited for over 15 minutes at least once while debugging this issue.

Visually what I see is that the loading indicator in Safari just keeps saying that the page is loading, and if I scroll down a bit on the page I'll usually hit a point after a few post where nothing is rendered, but the space for the posts is still allocated, so it's just one long dark void until I reach the footer. I've also noticed that the repost and like buttons don't do anything if I press them in this state (I think the cohost logo still works to effectively reload the page, but I can't quite remember and right now it's working again so I can't easily test).

This doesn't happen all the time, but usually several times per day.

I tried opening the web inspector to see what was going on, and I noticed that when it's stuck, it seems to be stuck on trying to load some images from, a mix of attachments and avatars. It looks like all requests that are served from the on-device cache works, but all requests that actually need to call out to the network seem to be stuck.

I'm not 100% sure if my Pi-Hole is the cause of this, but I have noticed that a request to some fails due to the injected NXDOMAIN. Weirdly enough, when I see that request failing, the page otherwise loads normally (even if it needs to make network requests to, the times when the page is stuck I don't see a request being made to at all.

I have never been able to reproduce this, nor noticed any missing assets, when browsing Cohost on my desktop (Chrome or Firefox) on the same network, with the same Pi-Hole instance blocking DNS requests.

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