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steps for deleting account should be on site

while we're waiting for on-site UI for deleting accounts/pages, it should be more obvious that the current way to do it is emailing staff. i think the first place people would check is the account/page settings, so it would be nice to have an explanatory note there at the bottom of the page. as is, people will check the obvious places, get frustrated they can't find the option, click the "help / report a bug" button, get frustrated that it's directing them to a different site with a different login system, either make an account or realize they don't actually need to make an account, then either find the appropriate knowledge base topic or not find it and make a whole new bug report topic instead. maybe i'm just being overanxious here but i feel like people will trust the site more if there's more clarity here, like, requiring a personalized email request is already a little messy so better make it as easy and straightforward as possible.

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