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Non-(newer first/older last)chronological timeline support

I think "newer first/older last" timelines (while easier to implement) isn’t the best choice for people who do not check their timeline several times a day or follow many people, in a UX point of vue.

To fix that for people who want some sort of non-chronological timeline option, to start with, I think an API endpoint would be needed to either:

  • store where the user was last on their timeline
  • or (and in my opinion is a better solution), store which posts the user have seen/read

Optionally, some more endpoints could be added to:

  • remove some posts from the set of posts seen/read

With this, any future clients, user scripts or the current web UI (if you want to integrate that as a builtin feature) would be able to implement a large choice of algorithms:

  • With this feature request, clients would be able to put your close friends first for instance (or any lists if a more general feature is added in the future)
  • Older first/newer last chronological timeline, which to me is a much enjoyable default
  • even random ordering for users who check their timeline very rarely for instance
  • order the the most shared posts in your timeline first
  • deduplicate shared posts that you’ve already seen
  • a combination of the above. The sky is the limit ^^

Some more thoughts about this on this post:

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