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Delete my account

Here's the most convoluted way I ever had to close an account, and probably against both the EU Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act…

Anyway, please completely delete my cohost account, that's all.


They told me to make a foreign post to delete my account. I can’t believe that it’s this difficult. I’m gonna go out a limb here and say it’s not going to work.

Apparently my ticket is still pending (a whole week, since October 27) and I have no faith in it. There are however, possible next steps

November 27, not October. The rest still stands

Oops I meant forum* post. I would be surprised if anyone was monitoring this at all. That website look like it’s from 1999 and I should’ve known better

Yup, same here. Now just being a complete ** about it by making it public. 8 hours in, not a sign of damage control.

I also requested account deletion over a month ago and my ticket's still 'being processed.'  I don't have faith that they have any intention of doing anything.

i think there was something about how Fully deleting accounts hadn't been implemented yet for a while, since removing stuff that other stuff is connected to without anything breaking is tricky, programming-wise, so i presume everybody's support tickets have unfortunately been On Hold until then (i've been waiting a while too, for the deletion of a secondary account)

luckily they announced 3 days ago that they finally got that whole feature working, so it's probably only recently that they'd been able to start working on that whole backlog of tickets

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What a joke

The quickest way is probably getting banned.

i know im late to this but man. love seeing people come here expecting 5 star quality service from a team of 5 people trying to run an entire website* which also happened to go from ~30k to well over 111k users basically overnight lmao

* includes maintenance, feature development, bug fixing, content moderation, support management, and interviewing hundreds of potential staff member candidates as of late. lord knows what else

have some patience. and at least a little respect

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I don't think expecting at least an update to the situation in two months is unreasonable.

Maybe they should’ve started a website before it was done? It’s a dog shit website by the way.
Shouldn’t have* the fact that we need to post on a forum is bad enough on its own. Embarrassing for them

Hahaha, they closed my account on Diaspora but as expected, I'm now fucked with having an account here. Jesus fucking Christ!

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