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Ability to add content warnings to shares

There are plenty of posts that I see that I would love to share, but am not able to due to the fact that certain elements are not content warned.

As everyone might have slightly different interpretations of what does and doesn't warrant adding a content warning, it would be cool if I can still share and appreciate people's posts and add a content warning to it myself so that my own followers don't get exposed to the contents unless they're given the chance to opt in first.

I would imagine as you hit the share button on a post you could be prompted to add your own content warnings that only apply to that individual share.

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i am genuinely surprised this isn't already a feature. why are content warnings only available for OP posts???
big +1

devil's advocate: this is a good idea, but some way to mitigate the possibility of making someone feel bad by putting a content warning on, say, someone else's selfie would be wise

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Yeah, I like the "only applies to that individual share" element, and it might be helpful if it doesn't persist when reshared? That way it can be used to tag follower-specific triggers that would not need to be used as general content warnings. Folks on tumblr use "#[name] dont look" tags for that so it wouldn't look like they were correcting a failure to tag on OP's part or getting "why did someone reblog this with #cw waffles?!" comments; I think both of those are way less likely to happen here for both structural and cultural reasons, but it would still help make it a low-stakes decision, I think.

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(I just realized that's probably what "only that individual share" meant. I'm apparently still mentally defaulting to "anything I add to a post is part of that post forever.")
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