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Expanded images should be bigger

When clicking a portrait-orientation image in a post, the expanded image that pops up is barely bigger, and sometimes actually smaller, due to the wide margins above and below.  Clicking a thumbnail should bring up the image scaled to full window height, or at least very close to it. (Other times, an image in a post will be taller than the screen, and I'd like to view it all at once, but clicking it shrinks it down too far to be useful.) 

Ideally, it would also be easier to click through to the full-size image. 

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This would be very useful for many images, particularly comics. Take this post as an example:

This post has three pages of a comic, with each page being taller than it is wide. For the text to be legible on my 16:9 laptop, I have to right click -> open image in new tab, because the pop-up gallery view barely zooms in at all. This is something that bugs me a lot in other social media sites - artists want to post their comics in the page format they choose, but you have to go to so much bother to read them on desktop!

Cohost at least has an alternative way to format posts to get around this, where you just display each image one by one, but this relies on the poster knowing this, and a series of thumbnails at the top with a gallery is just a really nice way to read sequential things before moving on to the next post.

I don't know what this would look like, ultimately - perhaps a button you could use to adjust the zoom level of an image in the gallery view? A combination of being able to zoom in and easily being able to navigate to the next and previous images would be ideal.

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I noticed that on mobile images from posts that have more than one picture display really tiny in lightbox… because the arrows take up so much space! It would be lovely if in the future you could swipe between pictures and then maybe the arrows wouldn't be needed on mobile anymore (since there already are thumbnails at the bottom if one would prefer clicking over swiping)

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A (different) comic post with the same problem was what inspired this feature request, so I really like @somewhatnifty's suggestion of zoom settings. Maybe just a quick way to toggle between fitting the image inside the window, zooming to fill the window, and showing the image at full size? 

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clicking on a thumbnail in my feed and receiving an image that is now Even Smaller is a Very common experience for me at my zoom levels (to make text easier to read), to the point where i think it might has to be a bug report rather than a feature request, lmao. i fixed it on my end with custom css, but it seems far from ideal in its current state, especially with the examples mentioned here like comics

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 Yeah, this is by far the most annoying part about using cohost on mobile at this point in time. Would love to be able to zoom in even.

Given the area the arrow buttons in a gallery take up, a decent way to reclaim some space might be to place the buttons to the left and right of the thumbnails instead of the main image. It could then take up the entire width of the limited horizontal range of a mobile screen.

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Bumping this because there still doesn't seem to be any way to further expand images after opening them in lightbox. Sure, I can right click and "View image in new tab" (which gives me the full 100%, whether it's 2,000px tall or 10,000px tall), but I'd prefer an option within Cohost. Just a lil' zoom.

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