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Internet search engines should index and credit the op of posts instead of random shares, via "rel=canonical"

When someone shares a post without adding any commentary, Cohost users know it has Tumblr-style reblogs. But if someone finds a post randomly from a search engine, they will not know how the site works, and make the reasonable assumption the person in the sidebar is the author of the post.

Thus, whenever a share doesn't add commentary, search engines should be encouraged to index the post on the OP's page instead of a share of it.

This is easily done using `link rel=canonical` tags—whether or not to do this is a policy question, the implementation itself seems simple.

Example: If you search on DuckDuckGo for "Uwawawawawwaawaawaawawwawawa" (a made-up word, as of yet unique, that I used in a post title), you will see that it indexed a share without comment by my friend JustMog instead of indexing my post.

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