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Unable to post images, despite being able to post text.

On both mobile and desktop, on chrome and edge browsers, I've been unable to post images from my account. The post's images simply get stuck on "uploading..." for an indefinite amount of time despite being JPEG and PNG images in the kilobytes of size.

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Oh i have this same problem, despite trying on multiple browsers too!

I tried firefox, edge, with and without extensions.

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I have the same problem where I can’t upload images, on ANY platform, I’ve tried multiple browsers on desktop, I’ve tried multiple browser on iOS and iPad OS, nothing works, so I’ve just been uploading images to my web hosting and including them with img tags lol

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Oh that's a good idea, the tag workaround lol. I recently tried posting an image through my phone network and it worked? I'm not sure why, though. I have yet to test it on my computer (again)

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i can't upload images either, i even tried to disable my DNS filters but that did nothing

what's this about web hosting, is it just imgur?

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I have this exact same issue. Tried JPEG and PNG, and tried uploading on both mobile and desktop, both with fiber optic wifi. It stays stuck on uploading and never does. Text goes through, oddly enough. Been having this issue for about three weeks.

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Also have this issue. Have tried using Chrome and Firefox. Image is under 50kb.

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I can upload on Mobile through DuckDuckGo, but for some reason not on PC with Edge.  Strange, isn't it? I don't suppose anyone has a fix?

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