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Blocklist + copy blocks between pages

Correct me if I'm wrong, but right now it doesn't seem like there's a way to see which people we've blocked/muting. This is a bit of a headache for folks who use multiple pages especially, as iirc blocking/muting is per page rather than account-wide. It means that there's no way for us to see which people we've blocked on one page and proactively block them on another. It would also help a lot if, when blocking/muting someone, we had the option to block/mute them on an account-wide basis, so that they're blocked/muted for us no matter which page (current or future) we're using. Barring that, a block/mute management page where we can choose to copy our list of blocked/muted people from one page to another/all pages with a click of a button would be a massive QoL!

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I've also seen some people suggest that blocks/mutes should be accountwide, which I think is also a valid option. That being said, I can think of some cases in which people might prefer a page-specific block. For example, I block *very* generously, but if I were running, say, a page where I share various mental health resources, I wouldn't feel the need to deny someone the ability to read that page just because I didn't like their vibes.

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I can appreciate a account wide block for the sake of saving spoons, so to speak. But I think the way tumblr does it is pretty decent. You have a list of blocked accounts in the setting, but if you want accounts blocked on side blogs you need to manually add to that side blog's block list.

Being able to add the url list of blocked blogs would be nice. As oppose to not having to refresh the page, see potentially triggering content, and hit block for each side cohost blog. As I had to do this with someone posting about a rape fetish with some graphic content at the top of the page.

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Coming back to say actually I want a single account wide  block list to input a url once and be done with it.

I don't want to constantly see a literal transphbic slur as their url every time I have to block someone on a different account. Like I just had to, right now.

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I definitely think a checkbox or something to block someone on all your accounts would be ideal. There are circumstances where I'd want to do so, and others where I wouldn't, so the ability to easily choose between "block from this page" and "block from all my pages" (or whatever) would be very nice.

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Come to think of it, I also wonder if there should be a functionality to block/mute a *user* as opposed to individual pages of theirs - there's a particular user who I have to block once a week or so whenever they make yet another page. But I could also see this getting complicated for pages with multiple users behind them, along with it being a way to kind of bypass the anonymity that pages have now. (If you have suspicions about who a page belongs to, you could block them on one page and see if the other page vanishes for you, basically.) All being said, though, I think an ability to copy blocks across pages is the more pressing feature gap here.

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this would be very useful for me, every time I block someone I swear they show up again on one of my other pages. though, and I apologize for the tangent, bazelgeus-apologist does make me think of what could be done about block-evading. blocking all of someone's accounts would be nice but like they said that's a privacy concern. maybe implementing some sort of "superblock" that only lists the name of the main page of the user? not a very good idea but I've got nothing sadly

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"maybe implementing some sort of "superblock" that only lists the name of the main page of the user? "

I know of one website that does this, that I won't name*. It is possible to block a side blog and have all the blogs associated with that account anonymously blocked.

Now I do understand the concerns with implementing such a thing. Like, it'd be very easy to stagnate the whole site by too many people blocking each other. But I think there's enough people on cohost that it wouldn't be a problem. Or at least, maybe this Superblock could be artificially limited? I don't know. It's a thought.

Also in this circumstance, it might be worthwhile just so staff doesn't have to get involved every time someone evades a block with a new sideblog, like in your situation. Having to mitigate 'they said / they said' between users is always a complicated situation.

*it was run by a scammer who stole 4 usd figures worth of money, allegedly.

My main concern would be that a superblock would be an easy way to test whether two pages belonged to the same user. If you suspect that a page is owned by a certain user, you can block one and check to see if the other is blocked too. I guess you could make it so you just couldn't see whether a given page was blocked via another page's superblock, but that seems like a mess. 

Personally, keeping page ownership private would be the highest priority, followed by being able to tell which pages you have blocked, followed by being able to block all of a user's pages. If it's possible to create a superblock without breaking the other two priorities, then I'd support it, but I can't think of how that would work.

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I have personally tested it: if someone blocks one of my Pages from seeing their post, I can use another Pages to see them. I think this goes against the intent of the feature and I suggest it be changed.

 Just had to sign up a cohost support account to reply to this thread!
Would love to a have a visible block list to manage, as well as being able to block someone (by their comment/reply or such) without having to go directly to their page.

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