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Should comments on reposts with added tags show up on the original post?

The following just happened to me:

  • I made a post
  • My friend reposted (shared? what's it called?) that post and added some commentary in the tags, tumblr-style, but no new post text
  • I commented on her repost to reply to what she said in the tags
  • My comment on her repost showed up as being on my original post, instead of being under a section saying it was on her post, so my comment was divorced from context and made no sense…
This feels a bit weird? I'm probably not going to be the last person who ever hits this.

I'm not sure whether this should or shouldn't be changed. It's definitely the case that, usually, a repost with no extra content except for tags is not adding its own commentary, but it was wrong in this case.

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i'm glad that it defaults the way it does now, but maybe there could be an optional "actually i'm trying to reply to this exact share" button?

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