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changes to "enable quick sharing on mobile" setting are not persisted

repro steps:

  • open the settings page
  • (observe: "enable quick sharing on mobile" is checked)
  • un-check "enable quick sharing on mobile"
  • click "save settings"
  • (observe: "settings changed!" message is displayed)
  • refresh the page

expected behavior: "enable quick sharing on mobile" is un-checked.

actual behavior: "enable quick sharing on mobile" is checked.

additional info:
  • i'm seeing this in chrome on both mobile (android) and desktop (windows). can grab version numbers if that's helpful. haven't tested in other browsers yet.
  • on mobile, this bug makes it impossible to actually turn off quick-share. (repro: go to any post after following the steps above, and long-press the share button.)
  • this only seems to happen for "enable quick sharing on mobile" - the other settings still persist just fine.


2 people have this problem

Also observing this same behavior on Android 11, Chrome 107.

I was having this problem, but just tried again and the setting saved! Hooray, no more accidental shares.
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