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some mechanism to link an 18+ post elsewhere and get a working embed

 currently, if i drop a link to an 18+ post in e.g. discord, the embed simply displays

"this post contains 18+ content"

which is a reasonable default, but in an environment like a nsfw discord channel, everyone has already agreed to see 18+ work.  so at best this is redundant, but at worst people may not even realize it's supposed to be a link to artwork.

this isn't like massively inconveniencing, but i've already seen several artists trip over it, and it seems like it discourages use of cohost as a "canonical" adult art host.

(i don't know exactly what this would look like.  you could slap another path segment on the end, but then any ui, as well as making the response contain both a redirect and the appropriate meta tags, are left as an exercise to the reader)

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I'd welcome even a barebones implementation that's only explained in some help article and not exposed in the UI in any way, where a query parameter can be added manually to make the post embed properly.

i've never intentionally exposed minors to porn, and i don't think i've done it unintentionally either.  i was pretty clear that my use case of interest is in discord channels that are already flagged 18+, i.e., spaces where someone has already passed an age gate.  i even said this specifically because i knew someone might try to be a weirdo about it, because i know there are people who cannot resist adding a sprinkle of extra details to my life that they "remember".  it's kind of fucked up to turn "my spouse was careless about what they linked where, some 12 years ago" into "haha classic eevee", like this is all a big joke to you, and all that matters is that you get to do a cute lil dunk on someone.

the request is not for cohost to magically divine whether it is being embedded in an 18+ discord channel — it is for some manual mechanism by which i, the artist trying to link my own work in my own adult spaces, may inform cohost that it is being embedded in an adult space.

the 18+ click thru on posts is self-applied to begin with! it isn't some status automatically applied by the authorities (though i'm sure untagged NSFW will be moderated) so it doesn't make sense to talk about this as some Safety Structure that is being subverted when the user making the post has to participate in good faith in the first place for it to even matter!

If someone is a Good User then they would apply the 18+ tag to their 18+ posts on cohost, and only use the proposed "share (18+)" link to share outside of the site to places where posting that would be appropriate, because demonstrably they are interested in appropriately tagging NSFW work and links

if someone is Not A Good User then why on earth would they even tag the post to begin with? Nothing is actually  stopping them or anyone else from doing anything with the content.  It's the same with discord - Nobody is 'circumventing' anything that they didn't already apply to themselves voluntarily! 

yeah I perhaps spoke with too much grandiosity. doesn't matter. point still stands. it also still stands that cohost can be embedded into more than one place. Cohost posts don't know where they've been embedded into. Embeds cannot know they're already in a space where consent to pass age gates has already been given. Therefore, it needs to be asked again. you can allow a porno to link to your profile by linking your profile. you keep discussing ways to circumnavigate things in adult spaces, so just do those.

anyway "smuggling minors past age gates" is a hilarious mental image but it has no actual meaning because it turns out even minors have the motor skills to right-click, and the top image result on a brand new browser's google search for "vaporeon twitter" is a titty. 18+ clickthrus just are not the mechanism for guaranteeing safety.

the issue here is not even sort of related - the goal is allowing the embed to contain -literally any information about the post- other than the age-gate text so that artists can share content usefully in 18+ spaces where everyone has already opted in to seeing it. 

again, offering no new or nefarious porno-looking-at functionality beyond right-click copy image location, but allowing the looked-at porno to actually connect to the artist's profile 

having a normal one in the cohost support tickets

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you're just repeating what I said. discord indeed has nothing to do with it whatsoever - discord and cohost don't know what the other is doing, and so they both need to independently ask for age verification. so its fine they both do so. whats not clicking.

the things i was talking about certainly happened. i'm talking about exposing minors to pokemon porn, which is admitted to be true in the documents you posted (even as it's couched in excuses). like, you would think you'd learn the importance of age gates, after an whole-ass callout blew up somebody you knew just because of lacking age gates lmao. i was on tumblr for the pengo callout, and all the other minors who came forward after the fact. I remember it.



Hey that's completely technically incorrect on the one hand, and either malicious slander or lies you've been duped by on the other.

You can easily verify that discord has nothing to do with it whatsoever: simply make a SFW post and mark it 18+, then an identical one and don't mark it, and post them both to discord. The marked one will say "this post contains 18+ content", and that text is coming from cohost, and is determined entirely by the adult content checkbox. For further verification, you can also confirm that discord will happily embed NSFW content in a cohost post if you don't mark it 18+ on cohost (though of course if you do try this please make the post from a page with no followers and don't tag it, and probably delete it after).

  And then on the other hand: before you go accusing people of things online, please actually do your research. If you care enough about the situation to be nastily airing your opinion in public, you care enough to spend the time to read the relevant documents. The things you think happened did not happen.

discord embeds are discords problem. like, its all on discord's end, and you can't just turn off discord's age gate remotely like that. embeds dont talk to the site they're embedded on (and its a good thing they don't, for privacy reasons). discord doesn't know you've consented to view adult content on cohost, cohost doesn't know you've consented to view adult content on discord.

also, i agree that the age gates are there for a good reason.

fake edit: oh yeah, you're eevee. this is expected behaviour for you lol. mate can you please learn a lesson for once in your life and stop trying to smuggle minors past age gates for five fucking seconds

If there's a "share" button on a post, the "copy embed" button could create a special URL with a unique ID that results in an uncensored embed. So you'd get something like " number)?I'd=55555555" that will show the image. This could only happen if you have 18+ content shown as well.

Here's an idea which maybe you've already considered:

making it so that a url parameter like show-adult-content=yes bypasses the age gate.

This could be made easily discoverable: when you click "I am 18+", it appends "?show-adult-content=yes" to the URL.

just posting to say this would improve the usefulness of the site for me quite a bit. would be cool if links worked in discord embeds too!

We include the age gate as a best practice / way to avoid Surprise Porn. It's obviously easy to bypass the age gate, as it is easy to bypass the age gate on sign-up (as I've said before, lying is easy and free). Every single age gate that isn't "submit a photo of your ID" is based on the honor system.

Having an opt-out bypass for embeds would make sense, although I'm not sure how we'd manage discoverability UX here. Taking it under consideration.

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Adding to this, you can also already bypass the age gate by just opening the post in incognito and pressing "I am 18+".

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There is definitely 100% no law saying that your discord embeds have to do special magic to hide porn. Discord is the party responsible for displaying embeds on discord, and if your server is allowing lots of porn in channels not marked 18+, they can (and I believe sometimes do) take enforcement action.

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