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some mechanism to link an 18+ post elsewhere and get a working embed

 currently, if i drop a link to an 18+ post in e.g. discord, the embed simply displays

"this post contains 18+ content"

which is a reasonable default, but in an environment like a nsfw discord channel, everyone has already agreed to see 18+ work.  so at best this is redundant, but at worst people may not even realize it's supposed to be a link to artwork.

this isn't like massively inconveniencing, but i've already seen several artists trip over it, and it seems like it discourages use of cohost as a "canonical" adult art host.

(i don't know exactly what this would look like.  you could slap another path segment on the end, but then any ui, as well as making the response contain both a redirect and the appropriate meta tags, are left as an exercise to the reader)

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i don't think it's a great idea to make what is essentially a direct bypass for the age gate... x)

there is already a direct bypass for the age gate: you can simply hotlink the images.  or copy-paste them, as artists are now doing

cohost added an age gate for a good reason. verifying that someone is allowed to see certain content is extremely important. i'm pretty sure in many jurisdictions it's also a legal requirement.

if someone wanted to hotlink the images, they would have to go to the page and pass the age gate. of course, there's probably not much cohost could do beyond that point. if that user wanted to copy the image URL/data and paste it somewhere else, that's on them.

i'd assume it's a completely different story for cohost to add a bypass on their end. of course, it's technically possible to have adult content in embeds, but how is cohost gonna make sure kids and such don't see that on a third party platform like discord?

just because there's technically a way around the gate, doesn't mean we should get rid of the gate altogether. as much as i greatly support NSFW artists, i think it's extremely important to make sure the people who want that type of content can access it, while the people who shouldn't or don't want to, cannot.

imho, the current system works.

fwiw i interpret the current embed behavior not as a verification, but as...  just erring on the side of not becoming surprise porn when someone shares a link, in a way that may be hard to opt out of?  which is why i didn't suggest changing the default behavior.  the age gate isn't magic, after all; it's just a question with a button.

more to the point, it doesn't really impact offsite embeds when someone is actively trying to share the work, since as i noted, artists are already pasting their images alongside cohost links.  it's just adding extra steps.

ianal and cannot speak authoritatively to any legal concerns, but i'm not aware of any specific US requirement here.  and notably, twitter will happily embed images for a tweet marked as "sensitive" — despite having a warning prompt if you view the same tweet on-site.

im struggling to find any specific laws on the matter (especially in the US), but i'm almost certain that several other countries have this type of legislation at least. (i am also not a lawyer lol)

as nice as it would be to be able to share this type of content more easily, i honestly don't know how it could be done without compromising age verification to some degree.

that said, i'm not sure why or how twitter allows embedding like that... do those laws somehow not apply in those cases...?

There is definitely 100% no law saying that your discord embeds have to do special magic to hide porn. Discord is the party responsible for displaying embeds on discord, and if your server is allowing lots of porn in channels not marked 18+, they can (and I believe sometimes do) take enforcement action.

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Adding to this, you can also already bypass the age gate by just opening the post in incognito and pressing "I am 18+".
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