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make it possible to put "read more" at the top of the post

 Before the markdown for "read more" was clarified in the cheatsheet this week I couldn't make it to work at all (I would've if I figured out at the time to search for it on the forum but alas). Still, the markdown doesn't work if there isn't anything typed out above it. I'm not tech savvy but I got some barest idea of css so I figured out that I can put there something that won't display, but that's a clunky workaround and if I didn't know anything about code at all in the slightest I obviously wouldn't be able to figure out any solution


At the moment if you just try to use the markdown at the top of the post this is what happens:



(there's a horizontal divider but not a "read more")

There's another thread that suggests a :readmore: markdown command and explains that using that you could put a "read more" even in the middle of a paragraph. I don't know anything about markdown, but would it mean, that implementing this command would also solve the problem I described?

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