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Real Landing Page Links

I love the Cohost philosophy, but I'm afraid requiring the mildly curious to put in work just to see a product is a non starter for them.

At the moment, you either have to create an account and wait a week, dig around for a user name or hash tag to manually punch into the address bar, or find the tiny @staff link in the site map.

I think having a couple choice accounts or hashtags on the landing page to click might be a good idea.

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New users, but not non-users, who have to register or dig around for a gateway.  

New people who find themselves at might enjoy having a simple way to start browsing the site and see how it works without registering.

So my literal suggestion would be something like a "Take a look" call to action with links.  @staff@aidan#art, or whatever.

This could, of course, just be a difference in design philosophy.  Perhaps Cohost wants to soft gatekeep content to encourage registration, while I feel casual browsers will bail when they have to put in an email address to poke around.  Either way, just a suggestion.

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ahh i see now

yeah that would be a huge benefit for new users. would definitely help people who are still unsure about the platform, which is probably gonna be really important this early on.

even while in the activation queue, new users are still free to follow pages and like/share posts. i'm sure search still works too.

what exactly are you suggesting?

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