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Toggle on/off adult posts on a per tag basis

 hello, first time feature requester here!

As the topic says, I think it may be beneficial to have the ability to toggle on/off (not just collapse, but hide from the feed entirely) posts marked as adult in specific tags.  In the way I currently imagine it, it would impact the specific tag's feed as well as the bookmarked tag feed, that way adult posts from tags you want them to appear from still make it to your feed, but you can avoid adult posts from tags you don't want to see them in altogether. I don't imagine this as impacting the main feed from people you follow though, just the tag-related ones!

For context: the idea for this came from scrolling through the Pokemon tag, where there are a significant amount of adult posts mixed in with the all ages posts (no judgement to those posts' creators of course). I personally am not looking for adult posts from the Pokemon tag, so having the option to hide them altogether would make my user experience easier, as less space would be taken up on each page by unwanted content and more would be filled by content I'm looking for, without impacting the users who do want to see/post that content.

any critiques and ideas are totally welcome! i didn't see any posts in the search that sounded like this, so my apologies if it's a repeated idea!

attached is a rough picture visualizing the toggle, by no means does it have to look like that though

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hi there!  we're starting to roll out changes today to help improve this for folks.  today:

- you can default 18+ posts to be completely excluded from tag searches and your bookmarked tag feed;

- you can also turn on or off this filter for a particular tag search or view of the bookmarked tag feed.

we're also planning to allow you to save a preference for each of your bookmarked tags, but that's not ready just yet.

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wild that i posted this almost a year ago now! how time flies... i'd still love to see this feature, i've been using cohost for about a year now as well and this is probably the biggest thing deterring me from regularly using the bookmarked tabs feed or individual tag feeds. i have tried silencing tags related to the posts i don't want to see, such as "pokephilia" for example, but it doesn't catch all content since not everyone tags their posts that way. at least with toggling adult content on or off for tags i DO want to see i could catch this content altogether, with only unmarked 18+ posts slipping through (which isn't a big deal if people are marking their posts according to site rules)

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i’d like to second this feature as well—had the exact same issue with the pokemon tag (and a couple other tags i’m following). this would be a pretty big change in qol for me as a user

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I know I am a very niche use case, but I am so tired of seeing porn in a tag about my profession. I am also tired of going into bookmarked and getting nothing but porn. I like porn when I am looking for it!

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My use case: #pokemon is full of porn that I do not want to see. I had to stop following it ever since I disabled the click-thru for 18+ posts.

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i agree completely! i don't want to have to disable adult content altogether, because i create art that falls under adult content, but browsing tags is borderline unusable for me right now because of my strict boundaries with porn. it feels pretty bad to have to scroll through entire pages of "18+ content, click to show" when i'm just looking for posts with shared interests. having a toggle on a tag-by-tag basis would be a HUGE relief!

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As an artist that draws a wide breadth of content, I would appreciate the option for followers (or even just visitors) to choose what they see on a per-user basis. It would straight-up give everyone peace of mind and encourage users to maintain one page on their account vs splitting content into multiple pages.

I would not be offended in the least if someone filtered out my NSFW content.

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I really, really like this from the perspective of an adult content creator. A ton of friction and hurt feelings on other sites could probably have been avoided if this was a common feature.

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Seconding this, as it stands it can be really frustrating to browse certain tags.

I'm particularly a fan of mockup UI in the image in the proposal since sometimes *I do want* to see 18+ posts in a certain tag, but just as often I'm not in the mood to see that stuff, having a quick toggle to filter them out or not on the fly would be a blessing.

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voicing support for this! i just made a post the other day about wanting this exact feature, so i went to make sure someone else hadn't requested it first, and i'm glad  you had and that there's already a couple other comments in here.

i'll add my specific angle on it, which is that i don't want to hide *all* 18+ posts, even though there are a lot i would rather not see in the tags i follow. my exact needs would be met if i could toss a few tags (like #sonic and #sonic the hedgehog...) into a list of 18+-blacklisted tags and simply not have 18+-marked posts in those tags put in front of me while browsing. it'd be extremely usefulhelpful!

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Yes please, I don't like having to block people just for NSFW art that I don't like in One tag I browse, when I like their art in other areas.

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 Agreed- some tags are walls of "this post contains 18+ content" and it'd be more convenient to wipe them instead of having to individually block or silence several accounts. Because what if it's not extreme and this person also makes good posts in other tags? Y'know? Stuff like that.

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