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Toggle on/off adult posts on a per tag basis

 hello, first time feature requester here!

As the topic says, I think it may be beneficial to have the ability to toggle on/off (not just collapse, but hide from the feed entirely) posts marked as adult in specific tags.  In the way I currently imagine it, it would impact the specific tag's feed as well as the bookmarked tag feed, that way adult posts from tags you want them to appear from still make it to your feed, but you can avoid adult posts from tags you don't want to see them in altogether. I don't imagine this as impacting the main feed from people you follow though, just the tag-related ones!

For context: the idea for this came from scrolling through the Pokemon tag, where there are a significant amount of adult posts mixed in with the all ages posts (no judgement to those posts' creators of course). I personally am not looking for adult posts from the Pokemon tag, so having the option to hide them altogether would make my user experience easier, as less space would be taken up on each page by unwanted content and more would be filled by content I'm looking for, without impacting the users who do want to see/post that content.

any critiques and ideas are totally welcome! i didn't see any posts in the search that sounded like this, so my apologies if it's a repeated idea!

attached is a rough picture visualizing the toggle, by no means does it have to look like that though

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