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Severe loading/freezing issues on launch and media upload Firefox mobile

I'm on a Samsung running Android 10, with the most up to date version of Firefox. I launch cohost from a homescreen bookmark. Almost every time I try to open the site from my homescreen, I just am shown a grey screen. Occasionally it will load in cohost after ~5 seconds, but most of the time I need to entirely exit the page, force quit Firefox, and shut down all background apps on my phone. At least once, often 2-3 times, before the site will actually load. Once it loads, it usually works fine with very occassional freezing. However when trying to upload media, it almost always does the same thing it does on launch - goes grey screen and I need to force quit the app before I can post my pictures or gifs. Again this often happens multiple times before it'll work properly. It doesn't make the site unusable, but it is frustrating. As far as I can tell, there's no difference if I'm on wifi or data, how good my connection is, however many background apps I have open. Has been happening for... a few days at least, possibly a week? Sorry I can't be more specific.
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