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Private tags

Cross-posting from this chost:

tags have multiple purposes here on the ol' cohost:

  • making posts globally searchable (major use of fandom tags for example)
  • additional commentary that's not visible via rehost in the tone of an aside
  • filtering content (eventually)
  • personal organization of one's own posts

the latter two are, to some degree, in conflict. this is particularly the case for things like jokes, goofs, or other chortlesources. I may want to be able to get a list of all my shitposts, but it kind of ruins the tone of the thing if I am in effect saying "#shitpost" to the audience after I finish whatever awful joke I've made. so I wish there were tags that only showed up for me.

because this is a kind of narrow use-case, I think it might make sense to have it work by some sort of "magic prefix" for which tags don't show up publicly or in search. I might write "#priv: shitpost" for example. this gives rise to the idea of other special tags, but that's left as an exercise for the reader

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it makes plenty sense (im a big fan of that kinda organization/filtering too), but i wonder if maybe the "media gallery" idea that's also been proposed (and which seems to have been added to the feature tracker as a concept already), could potentially be extended for this kinda purpose too...?

being able to select a 'folder' on your page that a post will automatically end up in could let you organize Any flavor of post, not just Images or Text posts, etc

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Agreeing and bumping this one, both because it's a great idea and also because of the discussions I've seen on the new muffling feature are balancing the desire to muffle things via tags vs not using tags because they don't want the added discoverability - so having personal tags could be picked up in filters but not in wider tags for browsing.

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bumping because recent discourse wave now has people asking for nearly-mandatory tags, but doing that means that people wanting to stir the pot have an easily searchable tag

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