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[META] Allow forum posts to be edited or deleted by the author

I find it rather strange that forum posts here cannot be edited or deleted in any easy/obvious way.

Being able to correct mistakes or even remove personal information is extremely important, and I find it rather alarming that we cannot at least delete our own posts here.

If there's some button or menu I'm somehow missing, please let me know. Otherwise, I feel this should be addressed very soon, especially with more and more people posting here.

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I only know that you can delete a comment on a thread, by hovering above it (and at least then you can copy-delete-redraft if you need to do some immediate changes or remove personal info), a trashcan appears, but I don't know if you can edit them. And as I haven't yet made a thread of my own I don't know about navigating those situations

i'm aware of being able to delete our own comments, but i have yet to see the same option for whole threads. this is especially worrying since i find the OP posts in threads usually have the most content, and some even include screenshots. i have a feeling someone will eventually accidentally include a private conversation, or some other super personal info, and then realizing there's no way to remove or even edit their post.

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